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Our Faculty

Kevin Garvey – Studio Director

Kevin's journey in the world of dance is deeply rooted in the legacy of his late grandmother, the esteemed Dotty McGill, a former Dance Masters of America National President. From the tender age of 4, Kevin found his passion at her studio, immersing himself in the diverse TAPestry of all dance genres.

At 17, he secured a coveted spot at the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, where his talents as a dance major flourished. With this newfound and expanded love of dance it led him to Point Park University, where he earned a B.A. in Dance with a concentration in Jazz.

Kevin's dancing journey took him to celebrated stages, including Norwegian Cruise Lines, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Neil Goldberg’s Cirque Productions, and collaborations with the renowned Recording Artist, Amy Grant. Within Norwegian Cruise Lines, he not only graced the stage as a dancer but also undertook the roles of Production Company Manager and Dance Captain, imprinting his influence on various NCL ships through his choreography.

He most recently extended resume to the television screen, where he shone in a featured role on the WGN America show – Outsiders. Beyond his spotlight moments, Kevin's devotion to nurturing emerging talents has been unwavering. He imparts his expertise at the Dotty McGill School of Dance and holds a distinguished position on the faculty of Grove City College. Here, he leads as the Director for the Orchesis Dance Company and lends his creative vision as the choreographer for the college's enthralling musicals.

With a teaching tenure that spans over two decades since 2000, Kevin's mastery has enriched countless lives. His affiliation with Dance Masters of America reflects his commitment to elevating the art of dance, where he currently the President of Dance Masters of Pennsylvania. A testament to his prowess, his choreography has garnered a plethora of accolades both regionally and nationally, as his students have clinched many coveted titles, including the prestigious Miss Pennsylvania 2019 – Tiffany Seitz and the remarkable Miss Dance of Pennsylvania 2019 – Makenna Isles.

Kevin's dance legacy continues to flourish, a vibrant fusion of inspiration, dedication, and boundless creativity.

*Member Dance Masters of America

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Ashley Hazy

Ashley's profound ballet journey has unfurled across more than a decade, tracing its origins to her dedicated years as a student at Dotty McGill School of Dance. The grace and precision of ballet captured her heart, setting her on a path of unwavering devotion.

Since 2005, Ashley's love of the ballet world has been steadfast. Her role blossomed from student to staff member at DMD, where her nuanced understanding of the art found its perfect home.

A expert of choreography, Ashley's talents extended beyond studio confines to take center stage as the choreographer for Grove City Area High School's musicals. For an impressive 13 years, she has choreographed performances that resonate with the community.

Dedication to her craft led Ashley to embark on a transformative year of training at Dance Masters of America's Teacher Training School. This pivotal experience not only refined her skills but also nurtured her innate ability to impart the complexities of ballet to aspiring dancers.

Ashley's commitment to ballet's heritage shines through her triumphant completion of Cecchetti examinations for teachers in Grades I - V. As a distinguished member of the Cecchetti Council of America, she embodies the essence of this venerable ballet technique. Her possession of the revered Teacher's Elementary Grade V Certificate further cements her status as a beacon of expertise.

Ever poised on the precipice of advancement, Ashley's ballet voyage continues. Regular engagements with the Cecchetti Council of Pennsylvania and collaborative exchanges with liaison members invigorate her pursuit of excellence. A role as a judge with the Cecchetti Council of Ohio underscores her discerning eye and profound ability to evaluate ballet performances with precision.

Ashley's balletic odyssey is a masterpiece of dedication, education, and artistry. Her influence reverberates through the delicate movements, poised positions, and emotive storytelling that ballet embodies. She stands as a testament to the enduring power of this classical dance form, inspiring generations to pirouette toward their dreams.

*Member Cecchetti Council of America


Makenna Isles

Commencing her dance voyage at the age of 4 under the tutelage of Dotty McGill, Makenna's path has been one of continuous growth and accomplishment. Her early training set the foundation for a remarkable journey enriched by her participation in a series of esteemed summer dance intensives. Notable among these are the immersive experiences at Pittsburgh Youth Ballet, Point Park University, Sugar and Bruno Dance Camp, Dance Masters of America Student Honors, and Intensive Program. Makenna's devotion to her craft is further underscored by her active involvement in Dance Masters of America's National Conventions.

Holding the esteemed accreditation from Dance Masters of America, Makenna has earned her credentials to teach with expertise in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Her dedication to holistic movement and wellness led her to become a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2018, following the successful completion of an intensive 200-hour RYT training accredited by Yoga Alliance. Additionally, she has honed her skills through specialized certifications, including Alixa Flexibility Modules 1-4, and has achieved recognition as a certified instructor in Progressing Ballet Technique.

Among her accolades, Makenna takes particular pride in her dance titles, including the prestigious distinctions of Junior Miss Dance of PA and Miss Dance of PA, both bestowed by Dance Masters of Pennsylvania. Notably, her exceptional talent propelled her into the upper echelons of the Miss Dance of America competition, securing a place within the coveted top 10.

Makenna's dedication extends beyond the dance studio as she balances her artistic pursuits with a commitment to academic excellence. As she progresses through her third year at Dance Masters of America's Teacher Training School, she concurrently pursues a rigorous degree in Exercise Science, with a specialized focus on Physical Therapy, complemented by a minor in Nutrition, all undertaken at Grove City College. At GCC Makenna is on the Cheer Team and is the Junior Head of The Orchesis Dance Company. This multifaceted journey reflects Makenna's unwavering determination and her holistic approach to the world of dance, movement, and wellness.

*Member Dance Masters of America

Kayla Cunningham

Kayla Cunningham is a dancer turned dance instructor with a focus on acrobatics. She embarked on her dance journey at Dotty McGill Dance (DMD) at the age of 4, mastering various dance styles and becoming well-versed in the art.

Kayla's thirst for knowledge led her to study under renowned dancers and choreographers across the country, igniting a deep passion for acrobatics. Among her many achievements, she proudly clinched the Barth Acro Scholarship at Dance Masters of Pennsylvania, highlighting her exceptional skills.

While currently pursuing a business management degree at Slippery Rock University, Kayla remains committed to sharing her love of dance. As a valued faculty member at DMD, she inspires and imparts her extensive dance expertise to the next generation, leaving an indelible mark on their artistic journeys.

Sydney Wise

Sydney Wise's journey into the world of dance began at the age of 4 when she stepped into Dotty McGill Dance (DMD) studio for the first time. From that moment, she fell in love with the art form and has been moving to the rhythm of her dreams ever since.

Having studied a wide array of dance genres at DMD, Sydney's heart beats strongest for Tap and Acrobatics. Her graceful and energetic performances have captivated audiences, earning her a reputation as a standout talent. With dedication and an unwavering commitment, she has honed her skills under the guidance of seasoned instructors, becoming a shining star in the dance world.

Sydney's passion for excellence led her to seek out opportunities to learn from the best. She's participated in master classes led by renowned dancers and choreographers from all corners of the country. Notably, her tap skills flourished under the guidance of Justin Myles, a prominent figure from the hit NBC show "World of Dance," as well as, "Stomp," "Tap Dawgs," and the esteemed stages of Disney Cruise Lines. These experiences have enriched her artistic palette, infusing her performances with innovation and dynamism.

Beyond the spotlight, DMD holds a special place in Sydney's heart. The studio has not merely been a place to practice dance; it has become her second family. The relationships she has forged within its walls have supported her growth as an artist and as an individual. DMD's nurturing environment has fostered her artistry and her sense of belonging, allowing her to thrive both on and off the stage.

Sydney's love for dance extends to sharing her knowledge and passion with others. Pursuing her educational journey at Slippery Rock University, she is majoring in Early Education with a minor in Psychology. This academic path aligns perfectly with her desire to teach and inspire future generations, helping young minds discover the joy of movement and self-expression. Through her dedication to education and psychology, she seeks to empower her students not only as dancers but as confident individuals with a deep understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Ann Garvey – Studio Manager

Ann Garvey, daughter of the late Dotty McGill is the administrator and owner of Dotty McGill Dance (DMD). A graduate of Grove City College and a former Air Force Officer, Ann found her way back to DMD in 1985, assuming the role of Office Manager. In 2010, she stepped into the spotlight as the owner of DMD and is a certified Acro instructor through Dance Masters of America.

However, Ann's artistic flair extends far beyond administrative prowess and instructional excellence. Her ingenuity truly flourishes as she meticulously designs and brings to life over 200 mesmerizing costumes each year. This passion for costume design has garnered Ann accolades and recognition, further enhancing her reputation as a distinguished figure at DMD.

Ann Garvey's multifaceted contributions encompass not only the administrative and instructional realms but also the realm of artistry, where her award-winning costume designs redefine the visual narrative of Dotty McGill Dance.

*Member Dance Masters of America


Other Faculty and Staff

Dawn Haggart and Sydney Wise.

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